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IF YES, Vesta Settlements, LLC MUST review the POA in advance of settlement. (Please be sure to bring the original to settlement.)

Name of Seller Giving Power:

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     Husband & Wife   Married Individual   Unmarried  
     U.S. Citizen   Resident alien   Non-resident alien 
(If you are a non-resident alien, kindly contact our office right away.)

Our forms are delivered on a secure network. However, if you prefer, you are always welcome to call our office at: 703-288-3333 and provide us with social security numbers. If you prefer to call, simply enter your clients name(s) below and then 0000.

If there is no HOA, please enter N/A in the association name field and all zeros for the phone number

All commission checks will be sent by way of overnight delivery to the brokerage address as listed in the contract. Instructions for any other means of disbursement must be on company letterhead and must be communicated directly to your assigned processor here at Vesta.
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